10' x 30' Mobile Office

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10’x30’ (300 square feet).
All units offer electric baseboard heating and through-wall air conditioning.
Trailer skirting available.

          General Specifications

          • Exterior Walls: Exterior Sheathing ¼” OSB Plywood and Aluminum Siding

          • Interior Walls: R-12 Side Wall Insulation with ¼” Paneling Throughout with Matching Batten Trim. Color: Birch

          • Exterior Windows: 30”x27” White Vinyl Frames.  Horizontal Sliding with Insect Screens

          • Exterior Door: 36”x80” Standard Insulated Aluminum Door with Small Lite

          • Floor: 2”x6” Floor Joists, 16”o.c. Insulation R-20 Fiberglass Batt Type, Plywood Floors 5/8”

          • Floor Covering: 1/8” Vinyl Composite Floor Tile Commercial Grade Throughout (12”)

          • Ceiling: Pre Finished Vinyl over Luan

          • Roof: PVC Rubber Membrane Roofing (Complete Glue Down System)

          • Heating/Cooling: 1,500 Watt (220 volt) Electric Baseboard Heating /  Through Wall Air Conditioning

          • Electrical: C.S.A. Service Panel 100 Amp 240/120v Single Phase Service

          * specifications may vary by size and availability