Need a Job Site Office Trailer delivered to your location?
Our Rental Fleet include the following sizes:

  • 8’x16’ (128 square feet)
  • 8’x20’ (160 square feet)
  • 8’x28’ (224 square feet)
  • 10’x20’ (200 square feet)
  • 10’x24’ (240 square feet)
  • 10’x30’ (300 square feet)
  • 10’x34’ (340 square feet)

Rentals starting from $180 per month

Mobile office trailers are an easy way to get a usable workspace in a very short amount of time. Mobile offices can be used for many purposes, but most often serve as an operation center in areas that have no other permanent structures. Since these trailers are temporary solutions, they are most often rented but can also be purchased outright.


Please use this form to request a quote from On-Site Office. You can also request a quote on the phone by calling: 647-609-3009.

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